Things to Consider

Before deciding on a certain stone, the following information is very important to consider. We are glad to help find the necessary information and confirm that all requirements are met.


Stone Size and Type Allowed

It is important to know what is allowed in the Cemetery where your plot is located. For example, some areas may only allow a flat marker with a bronze plaque attached to the stone. Another restriction may be a certain height that has to be maintained. Typically a headstone/memorial piece must be made out of granite, other products may be allowed with permission.


Footer Restrictions

All headstones/footstones must be placed on a footing of concrete or a suitable base. Typically this is a minimum depth of 30 inches and will most likely have a border on all sides of at least 3 inches. Some cemeteries may not have a required border and some may require a larger border. We advise customers to go no smaller than a 3 inch border for mowing and trimming purposes. We can make footings as large as requested, some customers tie the footing into an adjacent stone to place a vase or flower pot beside the base of the headstone.


Plot location

This will be a series of numbers to identify where the plot is located in the cemetery.


Caretaker for your Cemetery

This is the person responsible for managing the cemetery. This person will mark the plot for us to complete the footing work.


The time it will take to receive the stone

Some special cuts and shapes may take 12 to 16 weeks to arrive to our facility. We order product year round from our suppliers. We can order your stone in the winter months to have completed and ready to be placed at the Cemetery in the early spring.