Headstone and Monument Types

Flat Markers

Flat markers typically are the least expensive way to provide a loved one with a monument. Some Cemeteries only allow flat markers that are flush with the ground. Other cemeteries will only allow flat markers with bronze. Although the flat marker is inexpensive, bronze will add a considerable amount to the final price of a flat marker/bronze combination.


Bevel Markers

Bevel markers are also an inexpensive way to provide a loved one with a monument. Bevel markers are typically 6, 8 or 10 inches tall in the back and slope 2 inches to the front. Bronze can also be added to a Bevel marker. Bevel markers will not hold grass clipping and debris as much as a flat marker. If debris does collect on a bevel marker it is usually washed away by rain or simply pouring water on them.


Slant Markers / Pillow Style Monuments

These are very popular and are available in a variety of colors and polished finishes. Most are 14" - 18" tall and vary in length from 20" to 60". These monuments can sit on a base of the same color or they can be placed directly on the concrete footing. Slant type monuments can be used for a single person or work very well for companion monuments. Vases can be placed on the footing or a larger base can be considered for placement of the vase(s).


Single and Companion Upright Monuments

Typically a monument is considered to be a base that is placed on the concrete footing and a tablet/die of some shape that is placed on the base. Monument die sizes range from 18" to 72" wide and are usually anywhere from 18" to 48" tall. Typically a monument will have a serp top (raised center) and straight sides. Other standard styles include flat top, arched top and tapered sides.


Family Stone

A Family Stone is typically a very large tablet/die with the family's last name in large lettering placed in the center of many plots which are marked by footstones. These footstones are typically a bevel or pillow top marker of the same color but can be a variety of different stone types.