Cleaning & Maintenance

Over the years, stones should not lose their shine on the polished surfaces but other areas should be cleaned periodically. The easiest for the consumer is using a bucket of water to rinse off the stone from time to time. High pressure cleaning, stiff bristle scrub brushes and solvents should never be used.

Although granite is the best choice for a memorial and will last for a very long time it still needs to cleaned periodically to look great. Grass clippings and moss can build up on the base and tablet especially on rough cut stones. Deep cut letter or a flat stone will collect debris and slowly fill in. The paint used on stones should be a high quality product, A&K uses only Lithochrome brand paint. The standard in the monument industry.

When we clean your stone, A&K uses environmentally friendly cleaners and a special process to remove the moss, algae and ground in grass clippings. We can also do paint touch up and complete repainting on letters and dates on your stone. Most cleaning and maintenance services start at about $150.00 per stone. Please contact us if you have a stone you would like us to look at, there is never a charge for any estimates. All work is professionally done and guaranteed.

If needed we can remove the stone and bring it to our facility for full cleaning/restoration, this is not preferred because handling the stone could cause damage to the stone or the cemetery landscape.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this service.