A&K Custom Monument Service also offers sandblasting services. Many types of media (sand types) are available depending on the project type.

  • The following is also available:
  • Epoxy Primer after sandblasting.
  • Many types of topcoats, urethanes, base/clear coats, enamels, etc.
  • Powdercoat - We source this out to a local company, many colors are available.
  • Rust preventative coatings, great for production parts that may be placed in storage before use.
  • VCI poly bags are also available to store sandblasted parts in.
  • Recent items that have been sandblasted:
  • Motorcycle frames.
  • Car and Truck parts for restoration.
  • Coke machines.
  • Boat trailers.
  • Wrought iron pieces.
  • Wheels.
  • Production parts.

Call or send us a message if you have a need for this service.