Brick & Paver Engraving

Charities, religious institutions, hospitals, government buildings, schools and colleges, civic organizations ...all can benefit from this proven method of painless fund-raising.

You determine the price for which each individually personalized engraved brick or tile will be sold. A&K Custom Monument Service can assist or provide you will provide you with their low net price per inscribed item. The difference between those two costs is the direct profit to the charity or project of your choice. Best of all, your donor's name or inscription is literally "set in stone" for a lifetime.

Install your personalized engraved bricks or tiles in outdoor walkways, indoor corridors, on plaza and terraces, even on vertical walls. Let your exact needs or your imagination be your guide.

Some things to consider prior to starting you project:

  • Space/area allowed to complete the project.
  • Color of bricks/pavers, we can provide color samples to you.
  • Sizes, most jobs are completed with standard 4"x8" and 8"x8" pavers. Some projects have included larger limestone or cast stone panels.
  • Installation costs, A&K Custom Monument Service does not install the products but we can recommend several reputable companies.
  • Maintenance, who will be responsible for upkeep and future maintenance on the site.
  • Future sales, are you going to continue to sell engraved pavers? Frequently families or businesses will want pavers installed after they see the project is complete.