Granite Memorials:
Headstones: uprights, slants, bevels and flat markers. 
Special order hand carved stones
The widest variety of colors
Lowest price available
Diamond etching and laser engraving for portrait and landscape scenes.
Ceramic photos in an assortment of shapes and sizes.
Gift certificates available in any amount, a great way to offset the cost of a memorial.

Rock & Boulder engraving:
Family names
Business names and logos
A very inexpensive way to display your business name. Smaller boulders start around $125-$150 and large boulders can be done around $400.00 
Many fonts, images etc. to choose from
Gift certificates available in any amount, a great option to let someone pick what they want on the rock or boulder.

Other custom engraved products:
Entrance signs for housing developements
Address blocks
Stepping stones
Cast Stone panels
Limestone panel engraving

Footing / Concrete Foundations:
We can dig and pour a footing/foundation for a stone you buy from us or someone else. We dig all footings to a minimum depth of 30 inches and follow all cemetery rules for allowing the proper border around all stones. All work is guarenteed. 

Glass Etching:
Shower glass
Decorative arched glass panels
Award plaques
Colored glass now available - A variety of colored backgrounds that can be etched with names, logos, etc.

Automobile parts
Patio Furniture
Motorcycle parts
Wrought Iron

Headstone/Memorial Restoration:
Cleaning, repainting of names, dates etc.
Footing replacement for leaning stones and crumbling footings.